Yule, Winter Equinox Meeting, December 21, 2001

The Gout Society celebrates the coming of the Yule Elf.


Dinner Served:

Goose and venison gratefully supplied by Chris



Dry Italian Country Sausage
Sharp Vermont Cheddar
Tear Inducing Hot Mustard


Main Course:

Charcoal Grilled Beef Rib Roast rubbed with salt and green, black and red pepper, accompanied by roasted brussel sprouts with cloves of garlic and garlic mashed potatoes
Grilled Goose Breasts with sauteed cabbage with butter
Grilled Venison with broccoli rabe and roasted potatoes



Mixed Green Salad with Tarragon Dressing


Assortment of Cheeses:

Sharp Vermont Cheddar



Cuban cigars


Ports served:

Quinta do Crasto 1994 Vintage Port
Noval 1968 Colheita


Club activity: Contributed to Tasting Notebook
Port of the Month Selection: Dow's 1982 Reserve Single Year Tawny


Topic of Conversation Discussed:
"Figuring the best way to make the Yule Elf a permanent member of the Gout Society"