Spring Equinox Meeting, also celebrating Larry’s Birthday March 23rd 2001

Please note that even though Spring Equinox occurred earlier in the week, this Gout Society Meeting took place on Friday, 23rd March.


Dinner Served:

Venison gratefully supplied by Mark, moose gratefully supplied by Chris. Rabbit gratefully supplied by James.



Paté a la Campagne
French Cornichons


Main Course:

Flash grilled venison, marinated cajun spices
Rabbit Dijon mustard marinade, browned in onions and cooked in water, chicken stock, wine, apples fresh tarragon and fresh sage
Grilled Moose marinated in Guinness Stout, salt and pepper, then rolled in cracked pepper and grilled on Weber
Rump of Moose, clay pot cooked, marinated in Guinness Stout, salt and pepper, over broken up link of sausage and chopped onion with baby red potatoes and sprigs fresh thyme


Side Dishes:

John’s Jambalaya
Oven Roasted Asparagus with Tomatoes, Olives, Garlic, Basil and Olive Oil a la Naked Chef (thank you Jamie Oliver for a wonderful dish. Try substituting fresh thyme for the basil).
Baby String Beans Sauteed in Butter and Garlic


Assortment of Cheeses:

St. Andre
Sharp White Vermont Cheddar



Vanilla ice cream with raspberries and a splash of Lustau Solera Reserva, Pedro Ximenez San Emilio, golden brown and very sweet smooth and luscious Sherry wine.


Ports served:

Delaforce & Sons Curious & Ancient 20 Year Old Tawny
Noval Over 40 Years Old


Brandy served:

Millésimé de Boulard Calvados Pays d’Auge1977 86 Proof

"Boulard’s special dated-distillations are produced from a single batch of Calvados from the same year. They have an incomparable personality with an ideal maturity. The 1977 distillation is a limited edition Calvados, with bottles numbered from 0001 to 4092."

We had bottle Nº 00840. This one knocked John on his ass.


Cigars Smoked:

Cuban Cigars, Romeo y Julietta


Club activity: Distributed Tasting Notebook
Port of the Month Selection: Cockburn’s 10 Years Old Tawny


Topic of Conversation Discussed:
"Ensuring the straight and wide path towards Gout Society"