Lammas Meeting, August 10, 2001

Please note even though Lammas is traditionally celebrated the first week of August, the Gout Society chose to celebrate with a meeting that took place on the 10th.


Dinner Served:

Venison, Rabbit & Black Angus beef gratefully supplied by James.



Dry Italian Country Sausage
Fresh Basket Cheese
Gouda Cheese


Main Course:

Sausage and Chicken Coucous, North African Style
Rabbit with 40 Cloves Garlic and Thyme
Cracked Pepper Crusted Flash Grilled Free Range Venison
Grilled Black Angus, newport cut, salt and pepper rub


Side Dishes:

Green Beans sauteed in garlic
Grilled Red and Orange Peppers, marinated in garlic infused olive oil
Gandules Verdes cooked in a curry and yoghurt sauce
Chicken Brothed Rice



Mixed Salad (Baby Beet, Mustard, and Spinach Leaves) with Mustard Dressing


Assortment of Cheeses:

Goat Cheese Gouda
St. Agur
Double Gloucester



Vanilla ice cream with fresh raspberries and blueberries with crumbled pound cake with a splash of Lustau Solera Reserva, Pedro Ximenez San Emilio, golden brown and very sweet smooth and luscious Sherry wine.


Ports served:

Calem 20 Year Old Tawny
Noval 1994 Late Bottled Vintage


Brandy served:



Cigars Smoked:

Cuban Cigars, Montecristo


Club activity: Contributed to Tasting Notebook
Port of the Month Selection: Romariz Reserva Latina


Topic of Conversation Discussed:
"Finding the well signed and clearly marked onramp to the Gout Society"